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BRAVE WARRIOR 2023-I exercise

BRAVE WARRIOR 2023-I exercise
Photos by: OF-2 Bakk, OR-8 Ferenc Sipos, OR-4 Balázs Bratkó,
OR-2 Milán Szabó
The complex tactical exercise, which was combined with Live Fire Exercise has ended at the HDF Central Training Area. The main goal of the exersice was to present the capabilities of the enhanced Vigilance Activity Battle Group (eVA BG HUN). The Hungarian, US, Italian (#esercito), and Croatian (#croarmy) soldiers of eVA VG HUN proved their readiness during the execution of pre-planned and unexpected tasks. These experiences will realize further joint cooperation between the participating nations in the future.
At the same time „vitéz Barankay József ” 1st Artillery Battalion’ soldiers carried out shooting training and they prepared for the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) with Panzerhaubitze 2000 HU, also they completed the testing of the iC2 fire control system.


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